Edge of Town

There is a young couple that I pass daily as I drive my 10 minute commute to work.  They walk, shoulders touching, lost in what I imagine to be a meaningful discussion about current events as they make their way to the Metro stop in Ballston.  She wears a navy peacoat, cable knit hat and orange mittens. He is taller and dresses in equally casual clothes, messenger bag slung across his torso. They are practical, minimalists, and kind; they believe in protecting the disenfranchised, the vulnerable, the poor.  I like them. They seem like friends I would have kept twenty years ago.  


I look for them everyday.  When I leave on time, I pass them near the Methodist church, but more often than not, I am running late,and I catch up to them as they cross the interstate overpass, a few blocks from the subway station.

The other day, she was by herself.  Walking alone. This unsettled me.  Life happens, I get it, but she is meant for him and he loves her. The universe depends on constants, otherwise chaos ensues.  Fortunately, the next day, he was back by her side.  All was good. They briskly strode past my car as I sat at a red light; the warmth of their body language reassured me that all was right in the world.

Take a listen:

The Edge of Town by Middle Kids


5 thoughts on “Edge of Town

  1. I love this for so many reasons. As I listen to The Edge of Town song you linked while I type this comment, the good vibes are strong here today. I an also relate because I wonder about the people I see on my journey every day too, backstories of my creation become my reality as I watch them pass by. Thanks for this slice today. It gave me something to reflect on.

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  2. Your lovely post brings to mind one of my favorite things about geese. Geese are incredibly loyal and mate for life. Through thick and thin the geese stay together. Should one of them die, the remaining goose mourns in seclusion. The love of this couple seems deep and true…at least through the window of your car each morning. That is something worth holding onto.

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  3. I was really worried about them when you saw her alone, but felt so relieved when you saw them together again. You did a wonderful job making these two people I have never seen seem like people I see every day.

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  4. I also wrote about my thoughts as I walked to the subway today, but your thoughts are kinder!
    Good details- orange mittens! Your piece makes me wonder how many thoughts of strangers are all around us.
    We wonder about each other, make up stories to explain what we see. “The warmth of their body language” speaks volumes.


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