“Enough Is Enough,” Student Activism in Action


I attended the Washington DC March for Our Lives today and I can say unequivocally, our youth are a force to be reckoned with.   They shared personal gun violence stories that were raw, direct, powerful, and emotional. I especially appreciated the young people of color speaking out about their communities that are disproportionately affected by gun violence. Here is a list that captures some of the powerful messages depicted on protest signs today.

You have the right to remain silent.  

But please don’t.

Make America safe again.

We will not stay silent

so you can stay comfortable.

91 deaths a day.

Protect kids not guns.

Am I next?

Arms are for holding children

My right to live is > a gun.

Prayers and condolences

are not enough.

The NRA has blood on its hand.

The scariest thing in a school

should be my grades.

I want to live in a world where guns are harder to get

than Hamilton tickets.

And the NRA would have gotten away with it

if it wasn’t for these meddling kids.

We call #BS.

Fear has no place in our school.

I can’t even bring peanut butter to school!

We don’t need to live like this.

Enough is Enough:


Las Vegas



Sutherland Springs


San Ysidro



San Bernardino



Never again!

Two of the most powerful speeches I witnessed today, Zion Kelly and Edna Chavez.

8 thoughts on ““Enough Is Enough,” Student Activism in Action

  1. Powerful words. One I saw on Twitter that really got to me was a note handed out by a 6 year old. Attached to a Dum-Dums sucker, the note said this is the prize I get for staying silent during active shooter drills. Another 6 year old held a poster saying I am 6, so were they- and it had the names of Sandy Hook children. Both too sad.

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  2. I was at a different march. It’s exciting to read about the amazingness of students all around the country. Thank you for sharing! It was powerful to see the photo and read the words of the signs that you shared.

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  3. You are so right! They give me hope! And I love how you used all of the signs to create a poem. One of my favorites: “And the NRA would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for these meddling kids.”

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