Draped in Winter

The deep navy waves of my jeans

bunch up at the frayed tears near my knees

forming white caps before a storm.


I pull on a nubby, tree-bark sweater

weathered like the old maple oaks.

My thin foggy tee clings closely against my chest

and a scarf woven from dormant grasses

wraps loosely around my neck.


I drape my body in winter’s hues.

The dull gray undertones

soothe and center me.


While I admire the the radiance of

magnolia blooms,

laser rays of sun,

variegated greens,

and turquoise oceans,

they are colors best worn

by the peacocks of the world.


I choose to remain camouflaged

in the weave of naked branches

that fringe the rolling hills

around the lake.

7 thoughts on “Draped in Winter

  1. I absolutely adore this piece. The imagery is fantastic. I would have to say I’m with you- I tend to be drawn towards winters hues. With some olive green / burgundy colors of fall in there too. I’d never thought about that before. Nice slice!

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  2. Magnificent imagery (“weave of naked branches that fringe the rolling hills”) that is so spot on! Now I am thinking about my own wardrobe and what it says about me… thank you for continually inspiring me to think in color, textures and seasons.

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  3. Oh my goodness, I wore my hot pink coat on a hike through the woods, still painted in browns and greys, and I felt so out of place. Your beautiful writing put to words what I was feeling.

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