I would love to be more adventurous.  I admire my friends who easily drop their routines and minor responsibilities for the chance at an opportunity to travel and experience new places.

For my first entry, I’m borrowing a prompt listed in Linda Rief’s Quickwrite Handbook (134).  She challenges student writers to identify a trait they admire and personify it.  The mentor text she uses comes from J.Ruth Gendler’s The Book of Qualities.


Adventure’s slightly unkempt, brown curls flop into his eyes. He tucks both sides of his locks behind his ears to keep the coils from tickling his lips. Adventure’s eyes match the color of his hair, and they glisten like when tears initially form at the corners of the lid. He is muscular, not in a showy way, but naturally defined under his worn flannel shirt that emits notes of sandalwood, hops and cedar.

If idle too long, Adventure grows restless. He struggles to maintain long term relationships but makes friends easily. Commitment grows frustrated by his lack of a life plan. Try as she might, he will not accept Commitment’s house as his home, record his travel schedule on a Google calendar, nor work a 9-5 hour, corporate job.  He says, “Baby, that’s not who I am.” And she forgives him. Adventure is a charmer. He leads with a warm wide smile and closes with a soft, Simon and Garfunkel melody.

Adventure, who travels through life lightly and reads widely, is captivated by Beauty. He documents her undiscovered and under appreciated intricacies through his camera’s lens. She chirps and trills, speaking of peace and cycles and roots. Adventure folds his experiences into little origami memories and stores them in his jeans’ back pocket. Eventually, a new moon appears in the night’s sky. Adventure studies the orb, combs his hands through his hair, and walks along the moonlit path slowly, intentionally.

11 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. WOW! I had to read this twice, slowly to appreciate all the many details added to personify Adventure. Of course, Committment is frustrated. Love that he’s captivated by Beauty. Favorite phrase: folds his experiences into little origami memories

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  2. This slice is meant to be savored as I also read it TWICE, just to enjoy all the nuances. Love this exercise of personifying traits. Especially love- “Adventure folds his experiences into little origami memories and stores them in his jeans’ back pocket. ”

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  3. I also had to read twice. So many gorgeous lines and strong images. And what a terrific prompt! Thanks for reminding me that The Quickwrite Handbook is at the bottom of one of my many teetering stacks. I should pull it out this month.

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  4. I have read a few of these and LOVED each one! I REALLY want to write one, but I am not ready, not yet… Maybe nervousness is the trait the I will personify. This strikes me as typically I am fearless!

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  5. I use the Book of Qualities as a prompt for my students too and it always leads to really great writing. I love this line, “Adventure folds his experiences into little origami memories and stores them in his jeans’ back pocket.”

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  6. Super, super, super excited to see this because I love personification. It’s how I see life and I have never seen anything written so beautifully about Adventure!

    Thank you!


  7. This is so beautiful! I went to a workshop once where Linda Reif had us play with that type of personification. I found it hard…..your writing makes it sound effortless and exactly right. This post sounds exactly like what Adventure would be like as a human.


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