A Sea of Green

“Top of the mornin’ to you!”

greets the leprechaun

as she motors past us

on her vintage aqua-hued scooter;

her bright, orange beard

flapping in the wind.


Runners stream onto the street,

their Irish pride shimmering green.

The four-mile road race

is set to begin at 9 a.m., sharp.

Conditions are cool and gusty,

but spirits are warm and celebratory.


A trio of friends donning

kelly-green fuzzy wigs

bounce up and down on their toes

for a quick warm up.


A few girlfriends wearing

matching green tutus

over marble-swirled, jade leggings

squeeze in tight to take a selfie.


Dogs stand next

to their owners with

clover-print bandanas

tied around their necks.
Participants huddle together.

A sea of green set to flow

down the opening, mile-long hill.

A variety of shapes and sizes,

ages and abilities,

nationalities and professions,

participate in the Saint Patty’s Day

road race.


Wearing green isn’t required

but if you want luck on your side

I suggest you pull on your

lime-colored tube socks,

tall, glittery green top hat,

or your “Kiss me I’m Irish” tee.


The race is about to start

and there is a tall pint

of chocolate brown Guinness

at the end of the rainbow.

5 thoughts on “A Sea of Green

  1. Had one of those tonight at the brewery!
    I love this line: “green tutus

    over marble-swirled, jade leggings

    squeeze in tight to take a selfie.”
    I can totally see those girls at the race. I bet marble swirled leggings were fun to see!


  2. It always amazes me how happy we are to leave inhibitions behind and embrace the wild and zany on St. Patricks’s Day: “green tutus over marble-swirled jade leggings”, “orange beards” and “kelly-green fuzzy wigs”. Go figure:))


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