Button and Larry

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 8.59.56 PM

When Ivy spots her new best friends, Button and Larry round the corner with their “mom,” Jane,  she paws the glass door and whimpers. She continues to cry, running back and forth from the door to me pleading to go outside to greet her pals.

Button is a Maltese or a Maltese-mix breed, a little white fluff ball who prances on tippy-toes near Jane’s side.  Button is kind and respectful; she rarely uses her sharp, trill voice to speak. Instead, she greets Ivy with soft squeaks and tail wags.  

Larry is a handsome long legged, black prince, a cross between a labrador and a Great Dane. Despite his size, Ivy finds his laid back demeanor inviting; she traces the yard next to Larry, shoulder to shoulder, mouths agape, noses pressed to the earth.

The image of Button and Larry is a study in contrasting analogies: salt to pepper, pebble to boulder, curly to straight. Despite these physical differences, Button and Larry are gentle, friendly and patient pups. They bring out the best in Ivy.

Jane is Ivy’s favorite though. She endures Ivy’s slobbery kisses, hugs and lean-ins. She praises Ivy in a sweet, sing-song tone and scratches Ivy behind her ears. Eventually Ivy bounds off to play with Larry and nuzzle with Button.  

Ivy doesn’t make friends easily.  She is fearful of many dogs, especially larger breeds, so I’m thankful Jane takes the time to invite us out to play each night.  Friendships can be extremely meaningful, even for our canine friends.

4 thoughts on “Button and Larry

  1. What vivid, descriptive language. I can see Button, Larry and Jane just beyond the fence. Plus, what wonderful names…Button & Larry…you couldn’t have made up better names.


  2. “The image of Button and Larry is a study in contrasting analogies: salt to pepper, pebble to boulder, curly to straight.” Enjoyed this vivid slice about friendship, canine or otherwise.


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