Mic Drop Wednesday

A long forgotten, black swing dress

paired with cozy brown tights

and my favorite suede boots

sets the tone for the day: upbeat.


After the perfect blow dry

I grab my stuff and head to the car.

No rain yet.


the sun streaks pink in the east.


I scoot out onto the main road

and drive without interruption.

No red lights,

flashing school buses,

or ped crossings to slow me down.


The freeway merge

is all about acceleration.


I’m in the flow

when the opening riff of

“American Girl” begins.


I turn the volume to max

and sing:

Well she was an American girl

raised on promises.

She couldn’t help thinkin’ that there

was a little more to life

somewhere else.”


A string of “best songs ever”

continues through my commute

ending with Peter Gabriel

serenading me

into my parking space.


Student spirits are positive

throughout the day, too.

There is excitement for our next unit,

but reading remains

at the heart of our lesson,

a community of readers

lost in their fictional worlds.


(phone ringing)


“There is a large box of books

a parent dropped off for you in the office.”

(Seriously, can this day get any better?!)


The faculty meeting is cancelled,

two extra hours of planning gained.


A final check of emails reveals

Not one, but two

parent notes of former students,

sharing high school successes

and thanking me for my support.


By the time I head back

to the parking lot

my walk is more of a swagger,

Gratitude and satisfaction wrap

around my core like a cashmere throw.


I press the car ignition

and settle in for the drive home.

An old Feist melody plays

One, two, three, four

Tell me that you love me more.”

…and I’m out!

5 thoughts on “Mic Drop Wednesday

  1. This is great. Some days you feel on fire with success, confirmation and good luck. 🍀 love the way your day started with just a great outfit, followed by a commute without lights, happy students, extra time gained from a cancelled meeting, a book drop and parent accolades. Enjoy these good times!!!


  2. What an incredible day for you! I was smiling as I read this slice. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but I’m so happy that it didn’t. On another note… are your faculty meetings really two hours long?!


  3. These days are the BEST!! The song lyrics set the mood, while the phone calls and emails were little gems sprinkled throughout. Best lines- “my walk is more of a swagger, Gratitude and satisfaction wrap around my core like a cashmere throw.”


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