The Joy List

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The guys who produce the Minimalist podcast also write a regular blogpost.  One recent blog I read stressed the importance of creating a “I Must (daily) List.”  They included topics like read, write, be grateful, show compassion, eat healthy, and so on.

Here is my twist on the Minimalist blogspot list:

What brings me JOY

Dancing with my sister in dive bars

Educational conferences, like NCTE and ALAN

Down vests–navy from Uniqlo

       Saucony running shoes, size 7.5

Dinners with family that go late into the night

Seat heaters cranked up to 5 on cold mornings

Little gold earrings, the smaller the better

Afternoon reading sprawled on the couch

Whole milk lattes from Swing’s Coffee

Ultimate (Frisbee) weekend tournaments

Athleta leggings and soft tees

Twelve-year-old Frye harness boots

Green smoothies: kale, spinach, mango, ginger

Memories with Grandma

Memories with Grandpa     

Long runs in D.C., M Street to the Monuments

“I love you’s”

 Pink Lady apples, sliced thinly   

Cable knit winter hatspom pom on top     

And Whole Foods

honey roasted,

freshly ground

peanut butter.


7 thoughts on “The Joy List

  1. A curated list. I enjoyed it and feel like I know something about you. Now I need to check out the podcast that inspired it!


  2. Your list gives us a glimpse of who you are and what brings you joy! I love that it included people, time doing things, and and actual things! Time with family and friends and then time alone brings me joy . . and the sea, reading, and Coke. True heaven when I can combine all those together!


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