Natural Phenomena

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I’m not a very religious person, but I am quite spiritual. If there is a higher power, I believe it is rooted in the energy and cycles of nature. Just as authors use weather events to establish mood and foreshadowing in their narratives, I “read” nature for signs of deeper meaning.

Take the night my grandfather died.  I was sound asleep in my bed when I woke around midnight to a powerful gust of wind that blew through my open window. It was so strong, it detached my curtains, carried them halfway across my room, and deposited them in a billowy pile on my floor. No storm followed.  No lightning. No heavy rains. The intense rush of air was merely an isolated event.

The next morning, my dad called to tell me my grandpa had died in his sleep.  We cried and briefly discussed the circumstances of his death. After I asked how my mom and Grandma were fairing, he mentioned the approximate time of Grandpa’s death. Midnight.  Even though I lived hundreds of miles away from my grandpa, I believe his spirit was responsible for the freakish blast of wind that blew through my room that night. He came to say goodbye to me.

Imagine my concern today when at 4:30 p.m., foreboding skies appear in the east. Soon winds gust to 50 miles per hour. Heavy rains ensue, blowing sideways and then transitioning to hail.  The storm blows out quickly. What remains are high winds and colder temperatures.

I watch the wild scene play out from inside a local eatery. The gods are trying to tell me something. A late March storm like this is unusual and extreme.

A prickle of worry develops.  What fates await.

5 thoughts on “Natural Phenomena

  1. Weather events are scary enough, but add in the, “The gods are trying to tell me something,” thought, yikes! However, there’s something to be said for those times where those events should give us pause to reflect. Either way, what a great slice, thank you for share!

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  2. Those clouds look ominous. I love weather! I hate it when we get weeks and weeks of sunshine, too boring. I like the change that weather can bring to our day and surroundings. And I like the idea that your grand dad came to say good bye with a rush of wind.


  3. I’m with you 100%. In fact, I went looking to see what the bible says about this exact weather event :). Gorgeous writing: “It was so strong, it detached my curtains, carried them halfway across my room, and deposited them in a billowy pile on my floor.”


  4. Beautifully written, Amy. I totally believe that your grandpa did come to say goodbye. He did it in a way that was unmistakable.
    I think this making of final rounds is a grace that God bestows on our souls before reclaiming them.


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