Globe Trotting, Vicariously

My husband, Dan, has been traveling the globe over the past few weeks with trips to Prague and Shanghai.  

For most of our 24 years of marriage, his tech industry jobs require him to travel all over the world.  Here is a sample of where he has been: Denmark, Argentina, Hong Kong, France, Thailand, Sweden, Israel, Japan, England, Germany, China, Brazil… I follow his travel adventures through texted pictures, Facebook posts and detailed recaps over weekend dinners once he returns to home-base with me. Through Dan I learn about new cultures, architectural designs, and beautiful landscapes.  I don’t envy the long hours he logs on airplanes and in cars; however, I do appreciate his exposure to new experiences and geographies.  I can’t lie when I say,  I wish I could drop what I’m doing and tag along with him, but when you are a teacher, taking time off other than the predetermined winter and spring breaks is nearly impossible. Recently, when Dan asked if I wanted to head to Prague with him,  I longed to say, “Yes, let’s do it!” but I knew that response was not reasonable or professional.

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One of the rare times I was able to travel with Dan occurred several years back.  He was scheduled to travel to Australia and New Zealand for three weeks.  The trip felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  I wasn’t teaching at the time but rather at home taking care of our two grade school aged children. Fortunately, my amazing parents stepped in and encouraged me to take the time to travel with Dan by volunteering to care for our kids the two weeks I’d be gone.  

Dan departed ahead of me, and then one week later, I met up with him in Sydney. We hung out in Australia for several days before heading to New Zealand where we traveled to Wellington, Aukland and the stunning Christ Church.  The Land Down Under left a lasting impression on me and I’m thankful Dan and I were able to explore a new continent together.

One day I won’t be teaching, our children will be out of college and on their own, and if Dan is still working in the tech industry, traveling all over the globe, I plan to be by his side–traveling the world together. Until then, I’ll need to satisfy my wanderlust by traveling vicariously through Dan’s global journeys.

2 thoughts on “Globe Trotting, Vicariously

  1. I hope to have the freedom to travel with my husband once the kids are all out of the house. I love that you were able to go to New Zealand and Australia. You must have amazing parents to step in and watch the kids for that long.
    Thanks for sharing


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