so fly

I am a full-on sprint.




Pumping arms

Controlled stride

Accelerating off the curve


Rhythmic breaths

Oxygen fuels

the fire 


up my thighs 

The straight-away

The final stretch

The true test of 


I will my body to defy

the limitations of gravity

Set aside


Concentrate on 


Dig into rubber

Lock my gaze

on the finish line

10 thoughts on “so fly

  1. I admire anyone who runs! It wasn’t something I did prior to breaking my ankle in 2019 and I doubt it’s something I’ll ever get back to. (Power walking… that’s where it’s at for me!) That said, your poem leaves me wanting to run despite the thigh burn!
    Beautifully written!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this poem so much- your description is so vivid, I almost feel like a runner as I read this. My favorite stanza, “Oxygen fuels the fire burning up my thighs “


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