Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, A

Today’s post is modeled after Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.



Miracles in the sky. It doesn’t matter how many times my aerospace engineer husband explains the physics of flying, I know it takes divine intervention to lift those beasts into the air.


I love balance and symmetry. When text, a wall hanging, a pant leg is misaligned, I experience an unyielding urge to fix the positioning. See ANXIETY


When I was little, I would spend countless summer afternoons studying the large black ants that built deluxe condo units at the base of a very large oak tree. I was especially intrigued by their busyness, which included carrying grain after grain of sand out of their underground network of tunnels to locations far from their property. They would travel to and from their destinations along ant highways, never stopping to catch their breath or visit with a long lost ant friend.

ANXIETY, Things that make me anxious.

  • Technology problems that pop up when I’m about to present
  • Driving during a snowstorm
  • Not being prepared 
  • People watching me make decisions, like when I write or when I pick out an outfit
  • Misalignment 


The perfect fruit. Add some peanut butter and you have a complete meal.

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