Doctor’s Orders

Enjoy Flowering Pear Trees From Afar - Carol J. Michel

I went to see the doctor today.

Since March 20

I have been experiencing 

some rather alarming symptoms:

I’m running warm all over.

My fleece jacket lies crumpled

 on the floor near my bed.

Squirrel chatter and birdsongs

are more amplified.

My concentration, uneven

There is a tickle in my nose,

and I think my heart rate has dropped

a few beats per minute.

“You’ll be just fine,” the doctor reassured me.

“It’s just a case of spring fever.

Nothing to worry about.”

“Most likely,” she said, 

“the spring equinox

triggered the reaction.”

The doctor recommended I take a few days off 

from work until the most severe symptoms pass,

then handed me a prescription.

Add one hour of novel reading, twice a day.

Take a leisurely stroll before lunch and bedtime.

Wash it all down with freshly squeezed lemonade 

or homemade iced tea.

Then follow up with family and friends as needed.

Outside, I walk beneath

a canopy of pear trees in full bloom,

their scent  as sweet 

as my relief.

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