The Prophet

The Raven plummets down

black cape fully extended

landing a perfect ten

with dramatic flare

just outside my classroom window.

(Cue up a scene from

a Hitchcockian thriller.)

He perches 

mere inches from the glass

feathers slicked back

formal and formidable 

cocks his head to the side

insisting I acknowledge

the omen he bears.

The audacity!

Doesn’t he realize

I’m too busy teaching

subject-verb agreement

and thesis statements.

I insist he turns away those  

cunning eyes.

Symbolism and

foreshadowing lessons

will have to wait for another day.

2 thoughts on “The Prophet

  1. I so feel the SOL crunch! Talk about “formal and formidable”! Love your word choice and alliteration. Last week I challenged students to add figurative language to their SOL practice essays. A third of them did! I will try again tomorrow.


  2. As I read this just now, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a shadow and actually jumped! It wasn’t the crow but a squirrel hopping across my back deck!! I share as it is your words like plummet and omen that had me on high alert! I love your ending, commanding that corw to return at the appropriate time when you are teaching symbolism!!


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