3-15-22: Voices from Room 325

“Can I clean your shoes? It is so satisfying.”

“They called the wrong Omar down to go home.”

“Please stop breaking pencils.”

“I’ve got it! Let’s add a basketball hoop 

to the outside of our classroom door.”

“Do you have a pass?”

“I picked it because it was the shortest book.”

“We are debating the Ukrainian crisis”

“I think the school should only have round windows; 

it will allow more sunlight to seep in.”

“Can I borrow your lotion?”

“My nose is bleeding.”

“Have you seen my airpod case?”

“I promise I will take my umbrella home today.”

“You have a speck of glitter on your nose.”

“I go by ‘Rio’ now.”

“What are we doing the rest of the year in English”

“I picked Virginia Tech to go all the way.”

“The blue form is the course request form.”

“Are you blowing on his neck?”

“Please put your phone on my desk.”

“Wait. What are we doing?”

“Do you have a new mask, mine broke.”

“I think I’m going to throw up.”

“This concludes our tornado drill.

You may return to the classroom.”

11 thoughts on “3-15-22: Voices from Room 325

  1. Ha, I think you are on to something! Somehow your quoted lines give such an impression of the wonderful fullness of a school day. From the intriguing can I clean your shoes? To the speck of glitter, blowing on the neck, throw up to tornado drill… what a day, what a life.


  2. So so clever to use the drill as a chance to capture student voices. Cleaning shoes and specks of glitter sound just about right. I’ll be sure to have my notebook ready for our fire drill this Friday.


  3. I love this!! I might call it the “Kids Say the Funnies Things- Middle School verison!” Great ending….to allow the reader to discover all this happened during the drill! So much comes at us so fast in just one middle school classroom in just 10-minutes!


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