My Creative Caddy

I’m hungry for more creativity in my life. I can almost taste its rich aroma on my tongue. Hints of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and smoke swirl in the March winds. Spring’s explosive palette sparks a reimagining of my purpose. I’m ready to give up my comfort routines of winter and embrace the imaginative risks inspired by the equinox. 

Suleika Jaouad challenges her readers to think about the rituals, objects and tools that inspire creativity in her Isolation Journal #187. Here is what I keep in my metaphorical caddy to stimulate my creative flow:

  • a window with a view
  • vibrant highlighters
  • city exploration
  • a latte from my favorite coffee shop
  • art museums
  • curated playlists for creative processing
  • sunshine
  • soft cover 5A Moleskin journal
  • poetry 
  • sharpened Blackwing matte pencils
  • instrumental jazz for writing
  • colorful sticky notes
  • conversations with innovative thinkers

Time to prioritize imagination over conformity!

Isolation Journal #187

6 thoughts on “My Creative Caddy

  1. I love this slice! The vibrant sensory details at the beginning built delicious excitement, and your list was fun to consider! I’m just hoping to get through the school year, but you make me wish I had the energy for some creativity!


  2. You have such a gorgeous writing voice, especially in the beginning part of your slice! Your creative caddy sounds wonderful.


  3. Your post made me realize how very ready I am for more creativity. I haven’t been able to find the energy for it lately (lately as in the last year plus), but I seem to be emerging from some kind of cocoon. Here’s hoping that putting together our creative caddies will help us settle down to the business of creating!


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