5 Things That Made Me Smile

  1. Enthusiastic student book club discussions
  2. My daughter’s first job offer
  3. Happy hour with colleagues
  4. Dog videos on TikTok
  5. Inside jokes with my husband

4 Words to Describe My Week

  1. Blustery
  2. Anticipatory
  3. Out-of-balance
  4. Long

3 Plans for the Weekend

  1. Run & podcast (v) 
  2. Watch a youth ultimate Frisbee tournament
  3. Cheer for UNC men’s basketball team

2 Things I Learned This Week

  1. There is a disconnect between parent and teacher expectations.
  2. What I thought was Wednesday was really Tuesday.

1 Goal for the Weekend

*Relax, restore, rebalance. (The same goal I set every weekend.)

Thanks to Elisabeth Ellington for the mentor. Also credit to the bloggers from whom she borrowed the original format: Multifaceted Musing and A Day in the Life.

7 thoughts on “

  1. Oh what a fun post! I especially like the vivid list of words to describe your week. And, the two things you learned this week — so painful and so true! You deserve this weekend friend❤️


  2. Ugh I had that same experience on Tuesday–suddenly realizing IT WAS ONLY TUESDAY when it had felt like Wednesday all day. No wonder our weeks felt long: we had two Wednesdays! Your goal for the weekend is also my goal for every weekend: restore. As much as possible, restore. I also like “rebalance” and need to think about how my weekends offer that. Glad you found some inspiration today!


  3. Ahh congratulations to Ella!!! So exciting!! Thank you for introducing me to this format, it is a fun way to practice gratitude and purposely reflect. I hope this weekend has been lovely for you.


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