I Draw a Line at Dumpster Diving

This poem was inspired by a To Do list found on the sidewalk near my house.

I am a thrifter 

a repurposer

a flea market surveyor

I wear secondhand store garb

and our furniture is

salvaged from the curb

I bring home books from the library

and raise rescued pets

our home is a

one-of-a-kind treasure trove

of other people’s stuff

with one exception

I don’t dumpster dive

there is a hierarchy 

in the animal kingdom. 

and I am a proud card-carrying

Homo sapiens

a fire starter

a descendant of farmers

a utensil user

I’m not a city rat

feral and opportunistic

this is where I draw the line

between predator and



4 thoughts on “I Draw a Line at Dumpster Diving

  1. I had so much fun reading your manifesto! First, WHAT a find!!! And why is “tux” crossed off?
    I just love how you maintain your position in the hierarchy. My favorite part: ‘I am a proud card carrying Homo Sapien, a fire starter…’ NOT a rat!

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  2. Nice slice from a found object- Whaat? Totally agree with Fran about how wacky to find tux and dumpster dive on the same to-do list. I loved how you started with what you are and ended with what you are not. Awesome slice!


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