Tonight’s Menu: A Quick and Easy Slice in 15 Minutes

When time and brain resources are limited, try this simple weeknight recipe.


Take out your writing from this morning. The best ideas should have risen to the top by now. Carefully scoop the meaty part onto the page and shape it into the desired form. Remove the fat but be careful not to overdo it. Some fat is needed to enhance the flavors. Sprinkle on your favorite seasonings to taste. Metaphors and irony work well.  Remember the goal is to enhance the meaning, not overwrite it. However if this happens, simply use a sharp serrated knife to slice off the crusty edges. Rich layers of voice should remain. Remember, the goal is a consistent tone, one that will leave your readers asking for more.

What are you cooking up tonight?


4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Menu: A Quick and Easy Slice in 15 Minutes

  1. I appreciate all the options to “edit”- skimming the fat (but not all), cutting off crusty edges- on second thought, maybe let’s keep those!!! The best advice is to see that the best ideas have risen to the top and scoop out the meaty portion. I find myself trying this more and more often- rambling on and then asking, what? Great, fun, apropos analogy 🙂


  2. I love this! Very creative. Our staff did something similar at the beginning of the year, turning each of our meeting norms into a recipe. Really got us thinking about what it means to live the norm.


  3. My day was so full of ingredients, like being at a large food hall/market. This gave me some ways to think about how to write about it. Thank you!


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