Smoke tendrils drift past

her salt and pepper curls.


Slate eyes,

outlined in charcoal,

each like an eclipse

emerging through

a shadow sky.


Ash lips part

and exhale

gunmetal breath.


Her silver tongue,

once wise and sharp,

has gone mute

in this black and white world.

4 thoughts on “Gray

  1. Wow! I want to know who those salt and pepper curls belong to. I love the imagery and sensory details in the lines about ash lips and gunmetal breath. Beautiful.

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  2. Yowza. I want to see her in the flesh. She sounds, electric and intimidating. Reminds me of an old friend I had. She was witchy but so lovely within in. A teacher with tiny tattoos of music notes and such hidden in places like her wrists and cuff of her hand. I love a mysterious female character, especially ones based on real life characters themselves. Excellent slice. I needed a poem like this tonight.

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