Running Memories: An Interlude

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I can’t resist collecting curbside treasures. 

And I’ve collect a plethora of discarded items, over the years, including:

Table linens

Decorative mirrors

Cork boards



Side tables

Hanging racks

Filing cabinets


Children’s toys

Rolling carts

Wooden chairs

Wing back chairs

Club chairs

Lawn chairs

Rattan chairs

Mid Century chairs

Overstuffed chairs

SO many chairs

I never pass up a chair

Once a mover commented,

“I’ve never seen so many random chairs in one house before.”

Vintage lights


Storage cabinets



Bed frames

And more chairs


I spontaneously acquire items. There is never a plan.

I’m out on a run.

I spot a discarded item perched against the curb.

I jog over to investigate:

Cool, a funky ceramic swan.

That could look good on our dining room table.

My dopamine receptors activate, and before I know it,

I’ve tucked the fragile waterfowl under my arm

and am walking home.


Two coats of high gloss spray paint later,

the onyx bird perches majestically on a walnut side table.

I love her. She’s a keeper.


I think when I retire, I’ll open a resale store.

Obviously, I’ll specialize in refurbished chairs

and other repurposed accessories.


I’ll call my shop, Amy Loves Seats.


3 thoughts on “Running Memories: An Interlude

  1. Woah, I felt like I was on a run with you with that swan at one point. The way you wrote this made it so fast paced. I imagine it’s similar to how your mind thinks when you see something special that you JUST MUST HAVE!
    I may look at chairs on the curb differently now!

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