Change is Blooming

I’ve shed the melancholy of winter

No longer walking head down into the icy wind.

Spring’s longer days and warm hues

brighten my mood.

Chin up, I take notice that

change is blooming.

Students commit to colleges.

Days grow longer.

Birds build nests.

Baseball stadiums welcome fans.

Candidates share platforms.

Temperatures rise to balmy.

Graduates accept new jobs.

Sweatshirts replace down coats.

Diners eat al fresco.

Exercisers fill the trails.

March transitions into April.






5 thoughts on “Change is Blooming

  1. So interesting that change can be perceived as positive or negative, but it’s how we choose to see it. Of course, here I am lamenting the allergies, lack of Spring Break, losing favorite colleagues, etc. This post was just the pick-me-up I needed!


  2. I like how you go from having your “head down into the icy wind” to raising your chin up. We see the world so differently when our chins are up, when we are no longer fending off the cold.


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