Live Coverage: Day 12

“Welcome back to Day 12 of the SOL challenge.

If you are just joining us,

The Way I See It continues to struggle with execution

She appears out-matched,


and fatigued.”

“I agree, Betsy. 

I’m not sure she has what it takes to post in the big leagues.

She will need a miracle to pull this one out!”


I box-out the play-by-play commentary

and pivot to the screen before me.

My rhythm is all off.

I grasp for the perfect phrasing,

but the lines sail through my hands like a ghost ball.

I fumble on my words.

And trip on cliches.

My extended metaphors

are blocked.

I defend in the zone.

All passive voice. 

No sizzle.

My sentences are a double dribble.

Coach screams: Re-dun-dan-cy!

Autocorrect flashes red warnings.

Technical fouls amass.

Mental fatigue causes indecision,

and I throw the draft out of bounds.

Half time feels like days away.

There are no timeouts remaining

or substitutions allowed.

Traveling is called:

I’m three paragraphs in 

with no meaning to show for it.

I post up on the keys,

positioning to publish.

Rehearsing past literary moves. 

Readying to take my fadeaway shot.

With two seconds to spare,

I release a buzzer beater,

a perfect story arc.

It is all spin,

no substance,

and short of the goal.

I lower my laptop screen

just as the crowd

begins their chant,

A  I R   B A L L …

7 thoughts on “Live Coverage: Day 12

  1. OMG THIS IS AMAZING. I love, love, love this! So very Kwame Alexander, too 😉 Thank you for this post – it made me smile, and I’m incredibly impressed!


  2. I was thinking the same thing as Katlyn- Kwame would love this! If this is you with an airball, then your slam dunks are exquisite. There is so much to admire in the way you gamified writer’s block. A true masterpiece. I especially loved these lines which made me chuckle, “My sentences are a double dribble. /Coach screams: Re-dun-dan-cy!” because coach’s words capture my inner writing voice so accurately.


  3. WOW!!!!!
    You masterfully included all the sports lingo. I laughed as you opened with play-by-play announcers and even naming one Besty! This is so fun to read, especially in March with March Madness in the air. Such clever writing.
    Thanks for sharing. I hope you shared this with your students.


  4. I came over here to read this several days ago, Sally passed it along to me. For some reason, it just hit me I didn’t remember leaving a comment. I had to come back. I had to come back and read it again, a few times.
    The way you describe the elements of writing and the challenges so many face in this piece is masterful. I would pick a line to highlight, but on every reread I sort of feel pulled toward a different stanza each time. The announcer part is a great lead-in, so smart and clever.


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