My Life in Cat Years (continued)


Steve the legend.

A long-legged Bombay 

with a personality as large 

as his male parts,

as noted by his vet,

who claimed Steve’s testicales

were the largest he’d ever seen 

on a cat.

That was Steve.

A daredevil with a baritone meow,

jumping from three stories, 

not once, but twice–

off an apartment window ledge

and an upper level deck.

If there was trouble,

Steve was in the middle of it.

Like the time I found him encircled 

by an enraged gaggle of honking geese.

He was independent.

If he needed a drink,

he turned on the faucet

If the room was dark,

he flipped on the lightswitch.

If he was bored,

he dropped a hair tie at my feet.

(Yes, Steve played fetch.)

Steve was a traveler,

moving with me 

from Michigan 

to Tennessee 

to Georgia 

to California 

and finally

to Virginia.

Steve was a life coach

helping me navigate through

my twenties and thirties: 



and family life.

He was a cuddler.

Snoozing on laps, 

across pregnant bellies

and in the baby’s crib. 

He stretched out long

pressed against warm sides

paw draped across bodies,

Steve hugs.

Steve was the life of the party.

He commanded a crowd

and left an unforgettable impression 

on all those who met him.

Bombay cat walking

Stay tuned for the final installment of My Life in Cat Years tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “My Life in Cat Years (continued)

  1. He sounds like such a special cat. The list of all the places he traveled with you really spoke to me about how constant he was during lots of changes in your life. I love the stanzas about his personality–the vivid details about his daredevil nature, ability to find trouble, and independence were so fun to read.


  2. I loved this piece, especially the description of his personality. You’re lucky to have known Steve and thank you for sharing him.


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