5 Small things To Do to Chase Away the Blues

Build a nest for two.

Hold hands with grandma’s ghost.

Add frothy sunshine to morning coffee.

Speak truth to trees. 

Bathe in memories of summers past.

And if none of these small things do the trick,

Sail into the night sky. 

Ride waves of stardust. 

Float upon a celestial sea 

of possibilities

and purpose.

A response to Rebecca Kai Dotlich’s poem, “5 Small Things To Do to Chase Away the Blues”

A Field Guide to the Heart, Poems of Loe, Comfort & Hope, Georgia Heard & Rebecca Kai Dotlich

7 thoughts on “5 Small things To Do to Chase Away the Blues

  1. By creating this sparse, soul-soothing list you give so much weight to each well chosen word. I love every. single. word. This poem has wings…so glad it is sailing into the universe.


  2. What a delight to read your poem inspired by the work of Kai Dotlich! I was particularly struck by the line about speaking truth to trees. I may add a little frothy morning sunshine to my coffee tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your words with us today.


  3. I agree with Fran, “holding hands…”is the 1 of 5 that spoke most to me. Or should I say 1/8 becasue I love that you give us 3 more. The words you chose create such a peaceful tone, full of choice and possibliity. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Loving all of this. The first stanza before the picture, which by the way accompanies those lines with perfection, belongs on a poster on my bedroom wall to start each day- truly awesome writing


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