Deep Dive

instead of ten cute fingers and toes

i was born with claws

razor sharp

meant for digging below

beds of banal banter

and clusters of platitudes

i cut my way into

the organic matter

dark and weighty

weaving my limbs

through a maze of roots

and knots of truth

they say I’ve always been a deep-thinker

a deep-feeler

instead of seven layers of tissue

i was born with a translucent veneer

thin and transparent

meant to absorb

ancient minerals

winter’s snow melt

vibrations of platelets

some say they’ve had enough

of my tunneling

and my deep dive discourse

they say it’s time for resurfacing

to superficial safe-speak

4 thoughts on “Deep Dive

  1. I’ve read this three times in a row because the images are so powerful and your tone so bold. I was especially drawn to “translucent veneer…meant to absorb minerals…”


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