Name the things you love

in 30 seconds.


Little Traverse Bay running path

little gold earrings that shimmer

really, anything little,

extra foam on a hot latte

extra hype on the field

really, anything extra

indie rock, like The Nationals

indie bookstores and boutiques

really, anything indie

soft tanks layered under softer shirts

soft kisses from you

really, anything soft

stories written by crafty writers

stories from my childhood

(the ones that make me laugh until I cry)

really, anything story

gray flannel sheets tucked under my chin

gray beards on the men I love

really, anything gray

sunsets by the pier in August

sunday get togethers for no reason

really, anything sunny

and little

and extra

and indie

and soft

and story

and gray

11 thoughts on “Indefinite

  1. I agree- love this format. The three lines with the repetition, and the summary at the ind, indented. Did you create it? I’m not sure if its the format or your examples, but your poem creates such a gentle and comforting mood for me.


  2. WOW!! So glad I took time to go back and read slices I missed this week. I so want to know more about your process for writing this. Did it just come or did it take lots of revision. So much is reveals and noticed and elevated through this cool format. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for your 8th graders to have you guiding their poetry unit!


  3. Ohhh. How I love this! I found you through another slicer that was inspired by you, and I am happy I did. I have had such terrible writer’s block, but I feel so drawn to writing one of these of my own. Like another slicer said above, “intoxicating”! The “really…” lines feel so comforting and nostalgic and poetic, and I really want to share this pattern with my 3rd graders to see what they’ll produce. Thank you for such inspiration today! Beautiful slice.


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