A Journey Home, 5:30-5:58 pm

(A version of the Right Now format inspired by Saisons de Vie and Read and Write with Sally.)

Now I am…

: : loading my backpack at the end of my day: two laptops, one planner, a clipboard, one spiral notebook, and a mostly full water bottle 😦

: : copying a set of menor text handouts for our craft analysis group work tomorrow. I might try silent collaboration. I need silent collaboration. 

: : exiting through the steel doors of our historic building. Despite the 45 degree temperature, the brilliant blue sky and afternoon angle of the sun give off a summer-is-on-its-way vibe.

: : stopping by the library on my drive home to pick up a book on hold, Craft in the Real World.

: : discovering the book is being held at another branch, one I’ve already passed. I will add it to my To-Do list for tomorrow’s drive home.

: : waiting. at. seven. consecutive. red. lights.

: : listening to the NYT’s podcast, The Daily, about one senator’s conflict of interest: an intersection of power and big industry and old money and corruption (sigh).

: : pulling into the narrow driveway behind our cozy cottage.

: : noticing an abundance of emerald spikes lining the edges of our fence. Irises and lilies have emerged from their winter slumber with gusto. (A metaphor I will arm myself with tomorrow.)

5 thoughts on “A Journey Home, 5:30-5:58 pm

  1. I love how you revised the structure to fit your ride home! The verbs you pick and the movements you describe tell so much about you. I also like your use of punctuation in this line: waiting. at. seven. consecutive. red. lights.


  2. You have some lovely imagery here – the emerald green, which is a great representation of soothing after a ick commute home. The feeling of being held back by lights — ugh. Thanks for an honest slice!


  3. There is so much author’s craft here! This should be our mentor text. I can visualize you packing up, driving to the library, frustration over the missed book, coming home to the lovely plants pushing their way into spring!


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