They’re Nodding, Up & Down

There is a song I’ve had stuck in my head for awhile now. Really it’s more of an image that is seared in my mind. I decided to craft a found poem to capture the scene. The song, The Outside, is by Twenty-one Pilots. I adapted a three-word story poem to craft a three-word lined poem.

Heads are nodding

up      and     down.

“You got it?”

Twenty-one seated students,

glassy-eyed, staring

back at me, 

like Bobbleheads nodding, 

up      and      down. 

“You got it?”

Their heads moving

up      and      down.

“You got it?”

It goes on 

like this for 

twenty-one minutes. 

Heads are nodding

up     and     down.

But I know

they’re already bored. 

I got it.

Kids can’t relate 

to my vibe.

It is prehistoric.

Heads are nodding

up     and     down.

“You got it?

Everyone is nodding

up     and     down.

“You got it?

On fumes, I 

am running, running,

running on the 

outside, looking in.

3 thoughts on “They’re Nodding, Up & Down

  1. Just so you know, your vibe will never be considered prehistoric because you’re running on so much more than fumes. Even on days you feel like you are. I love your jump off from song lyrics.


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